VERY unexpected new stat coming from the PGA tour regarding hybrid use – New Adams Super 9031 and Super DHY Driving Irons

Looking over the Darryl survey numbers from the Masters showed a pretty staggering drop in hybrid use which is an ongoing trend on the PGA Tour this year.  Look at the hybrid count decrease so far this year (PGA Tour through The Masters).

From Darryl Survey: Thru the Masters Tournament

Fairways and hybrids usage                 -148 clubs

Utility irons                                          + 235 clubs

It’s hard to believe that most touring pro’s feel that the hybrids have gotten too forgiving so that they are not able to work the ball as much (great for them but what about the other 99.9999% of golfers. The growing trend on tour is gravitating towards the “driving irons” and Fourteen Golf is right in there. Adams has announced the introduction of two new “players” hybrids which will feature a smaller head design and will allow for the player to better shape their long approach shots. Keep an eye out for the Adams Super 9031 and the Super DHY set to be released next year but currently being prototyped on tour (keep posted for some pics!).

From our Adams guy on tour;


The DHY continues to get interest as well as the 9031.  A lower lofted DHY has been suggested from some players.  A few have asked for a lower loft like 16 as a pure Driving Hybrid for use off the tee on courses that require fewer drivers and more hybrids or fairway woods.

Also a very interesting note that was discovered while discussing the issue of why the total hybrid count is significantly down from last year lead us do some research on this .  Jeff Harris compiled some numbers based on Darryl Survey that shows the use of hybrids and fairways are significantly down for the year and the number of driving irons are up by a large count.   Below is a recap of the numbers that were taken from the Darryl Survey that show the decrease of hybrid and fairway woods carried by players and the increase of driving irons.


From Darryl Survey: Thru the Masters Tournament

Fairways and hybrids usage                             -148 clubs

Utility irons                                          + 235 clubs


A lot of players are using the driving irons as substitute for long irons: Matt Kuchar, Luke Donald, Ryan Palmer , etc.


This Week Hybrid Count         Yearly Total Hybrid Count                  Difference

Adams             36                    594                                            0

TaylorMade     24                    426                                           -168

Titleist              19                    320                                          -274


2012 – 449 adams hybrids in play thru the masters

2013 – 558 adams hybrids in play thru the masters 

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