Sneak Peak – Adams Pro Hybrid 2014 – The Hidden Secret from the PGA Show

If you haven’t figured it out I’ve been a huge Adams fan over the years and I am proud to be the leading custom pro-tech account in my region. I deal w/ the reps in the trenches, the builders on the tour rigs,  and the engineers in the labs (the head of which is a Navy Seal). Let’s face it, Adams Golf is known for the hybrid and believe me Adams designs, develops and implements so many prototypes on all tours world-wide that it is kind of overwhelming. Simple fact is – Adams Golf makes the best hybrid available – end of statement. Apart from their new owners (TM) who are the hands-down 800lb gorilla in golf advertising, Adams Golf spends more in R&D then Callaway and Taylor Made COMBINED (Still waiting on 4th qtr 2013 statements to see if that is still the case). I am 100% convinced that the new ownership was based on Adams having all the related patents regarding the slot-line  and/or floating face technology. Sorry to ramble on so here are the specs on the new Adams pro Hybrid (release date and price to follow :)). adams2014pro adams2014pro2file under: Sneak Peak – Adams Pro Hybrid 2014 – The Hidden Secret from the PGA Show


About Andrew Hodson

I am the youngest with in a golfing family which has spanned three generations. My grandfather started the tradition in England (Bert Hodson-1931 Ryder Cup Team) and has since passed on his knowledge and love of the game. Although I did not follow in the steps of my father and grandfather on a professional golfing level, my love of the game and commitment to accurately fit equipment has only grown. Even as a kid I enjoyed re-gripping clubs which eventually led to refinishing wood heads, re-shafting, and now has culminated in more detailed custom club fitting, building, and repair.