MEMBERSHIP-NEWHODSON GOLF MEMBERHIP PLANS – NEW 2013 In 2012 Hodson Golf grew our business over 80% and based on current demand we fully expect this trend to continue. In order to provide our past loyal customers with the same professionalism, time, and service which they deserve, Hodson Golf will implement a membership program beginning in the spring of 2013. Please keep in mind that Hodson Golf will continue to provide the same professional service to all of our current and future customers, as we have done in the past. This new program will allow us to better serve those existing loyal and repeat customers who are responsible for our continued success. At various times last year (primarily in early spring to summer) Hodson Golf was typically booked 3-4 weeks out for fittings. As of today (2/12/13) Hodson Golf has over 45 customers lined up for fittings which will begin in the coming weeks once the new 2013 product (heads & shafts) has arrived. This is a new membership program that will allow Hodson Golf to extend a more guaranteed privileged service to our premium “high-volume” customers, while still providing our continued service to the remainder of our past, present, and future customers (and their continued patronage). There will be a limited number of memberships available with existing customers receiving the first opportunity to join. The benefits of each membership level are listed below with the primary benefit being our members receiving priority treatment and priority availability to our services. Member customers will also receive notifications AT LEAST 1 week prior to general announcements regarding new pre-product releases, prototype testing sessions, “tour issue only” product availability, or any other equipment or service that is not available to the general public. ONCE THESE LIMITED NUMBER OF MEMBERSHIP LEVELS ARE FILLED, HODSON GOLF WILL DEDICATE 100% OF THESE MEMBERSHIP FUNDS TO THE PURCHASE OF THE LATEST FITTING EQUIPMENT WHICH WILL ONLY FURTHER BENEFIT OUR NEW MEMBERS AND ENHANCE OUR SERVICES. THESE FUNDS WILL HELP PURCHASE THE INDUSTRIES CURRENT 2013 LEADING EDGE DOPPLER RADAR LAUNCH MONITOR (ALTHOUGH THE ONE WE USE NOW IS SPECTACULAR) IN ADDITION TO THE INDUSTRIES LATEST DIGITAL VIDEO LASER PUTTER FITTING SYSTEM FOR OUR NEW INDOOR/OUTDOOR PUTTER FITTING STUDIO.

About Andrew Hodson

I am the youngest with in a golfing family which has spanned three generations. My grandfather started the tradition in England (Bert Hodson-1931 Ryder Cup Team) and has since passed on his knowledge and love of the game. Although I did not follow in the steps of my father and grandfather on a professional golfing level, my love of the game and commitment to accurately fit equipment has only grown. Even as a kid I enjoyed re-gripping clubs which eventually led to refinishing wood heads, re-shafting, and now has culminated in more detailed custom club fitting, building, and repair.