Congrats to Snedeker and another win for aerotech steelfiber iron shafts

For those of you out there who have lost some distance with your steel shafted irons, you really need to come out and try the steelfiber shafts. Each shaft is built off a premium graphite core and then wrapped with 59 MILES of steel fiber. The result is a great feeling shaft that adds significant distance yet has the control and stability of steel.

New 2013 Exclusive Shaft Dealer/Distributor List

Hodson Golf is proud to be the areas largest premium shaft dealer and distributor. Please see our updated list of shaft offerings for 2013 as we have added additional manufacturers. Due to our exclusive dealership status, we have very limited access to tour prototypes so feel free to contact us directly to set up  a launch monitor fitting to test drive the best shafts available in golf. New 2013 Exclusive Shaft Dealer/Distributor List    

New 2013 Product List Update

We have finally narrowed down our offerings for this year and are proud to offer a few additional manufacturers. As we continue to do extensive product testing throughout the year, other brands/equipment may be brought into our lineup-please check back often.