Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Event – May 17, 2013

Hodson Golf is pleased to announce that the Bridgestone travelling ball-fitting team will be at our facility Friday 5/17/13 for custom ball fitting sessions. There are a limited amount of spots so please contact us now to reserve your ball fitting. This is a great opportunity using the latest ball fitting technology to determine your optimum ball.


  3/3/12 just to update everyone, i spoke w/ my Nike rep and due to the unexpected success of this line Nike is now backordered on most everything in the covert tour line until MAY. I’m currently fairly well stocked but if you are interested in trying this line i would recommend scheduling a fitting as soon as you can. So far the Nike Covert Tour hybrid has been the runaway success. I’ve pretty much sold through my first allotment within the first week. Although…

Congrat’s Kuchar-another win for steelfiber iron shafts

The aerotech steelfiber shaft was my best performing composite shaft in 2012 and the same on the pga tour to date (3 years running). Each iron shaft has a premium graphite composite core wrapped w/ 59 MILES of steel fiber! Added distance + feel + workability. If you want more distance & tighter dispersion than your existing steel iron shafts then contact us for a fitting!

Fujikura “Tour Issue Only” Limited event-Postoned

Due to the weather forecast for Sunday we will be postponing this event (new date to be posted soon). Hodson Golf is proud to announce that we are now a limited TourSPX dealer for UST/Mamiya. We will soon be receiving some current tour-prototype shafts currently being tested on the PGA tour RIGHT NOW. Once these shafts are in-hand we will include these tour prototypes along with those from Fujikura for this event-stay tuned! On Sunday March 3th Hodson Golf will be hosting a limited pre-release event…