Golf Club “Tune-up” Special


$300.00 $250.00



The weather this year has been incredible but winter is quickly approaching. Take advantage of this special to get your equipment fine tuned so that your ready to go (for all you snowbirds getting ready to head south) or just to have everything ready to go for next season. This also makes a great gift for that special golfer who has everything, or for that passionate golfer who just wants to make sure their equipment is in top form. This special includes the following:

  1. Full set lie/loft check/adjustment (14 clubs including putter)
  2. Full 14 set re-grip  w/ a variety of grips to choose from including putter (premium grips also available at slight upcharge)
  3. Thorough club cleaning and re-grooving as needed
  4. Grinding/Polishing as needed (removes most nicks, dings, and/or blemishes of all irons/wedges)
  5. Quick 2 day turnaround
  6. Thorough club check and evaluation (includes re-setting loose ferrules and/or re-setting loose heads)
  7.  Driver only Frequency Analysis and spine check


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