Fujikura “Tour Issue Only” Limited event-Postoned

Due to the weather forecast for Sunday we will be postponing this event (new date to be posted soon). Hodson Golf is proud to announce that we are now a limited TourSPX dealer for UST/Mamiya. We will soon be receiving some current tour-prototype shafts currently being tested on the PGA tour RIGHT NOW. Once these shafts are in-hand we will include these tour prototypes along with those from Fujikura for this event-stay tuned!
On Sunday March 3th Hodson Golf will be hosting a limited pre-release event at our fitting studio. Hodson Golf will be offering launch monitor demonstration fittings featuring the new lineup of 2013 Fujikura shafts including the much anticipated Fuel series in addition to a very limited number of Motore Speeder 6.3 and 7.3 tour spec shafts that are only available on tour. This event will be limited to only 7 people (due to the limited number of these exclusive shafts) and will be pre-offered to our members first. The event fee is $125 (free to our premium members) with the fee charge going towards the purchase price of any fujikura shaft.