hotlist2013  3/3/12 just to update everyone, i spoke w/ my Nike rep and due to the unexpected success of this line Nike is now backordered on most everything in the covert tour line until MAY. I’m currently fairly well stocked but if you are interested in trying this line i would recommend scheduling a fitting as soon as you can.coverthybrid

So far the Nike Covert Tour hybrid has been the runaway success. I’ve pretty much sold through my first allotment within the first week. Although the new adams speedline titanium hybrids have been popular they do have a larger more shallow face design that resembles that of a utility wood vs a hybrid. The Nike Covert Tour has a great small, clean, compact look and really squares up nicely to the ball. I was shocked to see the high ball speed and low spin numbers that it produces which is an added surprise to the overall benefit of their adjustability. Nike wasn’t kidding about this being the worlds first “high speed cavity hybrid”.  I generally leave the hybrid fitting to the “follow-up” so that the customer has a chance to break in their new irons and fairway metal and will then have a better idea as to the “gaps” that need to be filled between their longest iron and their fairway metal. Everyone hits hybrids differently with some hitting them too high while some too low. How many times have you bought a 3 & 4 hybrid only to find out that you pretty much hit them the same distance (give or take 5 yards). The great thing about the Covert Tour hybrids is their adjustability. The 3 hybrid can be adjusted between17-21 degrees of loft while the 4 hybrid can be adjusted between 21-25 degrees of loft. On top of that you can adjust to either a neutral, fade, or draw bias. Using the launch monitor we have been able to accurately dial in the proper distance dispersions from the +2 handicap to the 20+ handicap over the last week alone. The fairway metal in this series is even more impressive-more to come on that!