The new “Fourteen Golf” RM-12 wedges expected early next week – already has 2 wins on this years PGA Tour

Hodson Golf is pleased to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated japanese forged RM-12 wedges (satin) early next week. The black satin finish are due early April. These are perhaps the finest quality forged wedges on the market and are a tour “boutique” favorite. These wedges have already been used by two winners on the 2013 PGA Tour and are in the bags of many non-endorsed players on all tour circuits. Sign up for a wedge fitting today to find out the wedge secret that many leading tour professionals have known about for years.Fourteen Golffourteenrm12 fourteenjspecThe MT-28 J.Spec-IV wedge features improved spin performance with a softer, pure forged feel which is similar to Tour model wedges. A maximized groove area combined with Fourteen Golf’s signature “reverse taper design” and unique cavity indentation in the back portion of the wedge make this a highly stable and consistent wedge.