Hodson Golf’s Weekly Roundup

nikecovert2013bwpid-2013-03-15_16-16-33_203.jpgspeedlinelsAnother busy week with Mizuno again being the clear winner in iron sales. The MP-64 made a great showing and again proves to be the iron of choice for the better player fighting that high spinny shot. This is probably the best muscle back forging out there with the most forgiveness. Although we didn’t receive the new Fourteen RM-12’s until late in the week they were by far the leading seller in the wedge category. The Adams LS driver is still leading the pack in driver sales with the Nike Covert Tour being in a close second. Be warned though, due to the unexpected success of the Covert Tour Drivers, I hate to say they are now pretty much backordered everywhere until MAY (yes May). We are down to about 5 of these heads and don’t expect them to last past the week so if you are interested please contact us for a fitting. We are excited to have received the new recoil iron shafts and will have them incorporated into our fitting system by Tuesday of next week (we have all 5 versions including the two limited tour prototype versions only available to a handfull of Tour SPX dealers.