Link to a great Golf World article regarding Tour Launch and Spin changes and how more tour players are moving towards high launch/low spin shafts

This is a supplement to the piece that I wrote regarding the Kiyoshi Purple and current trend on tour to higher launching/lower spinning shafts.

Golf World – Efficiency Experts

Excerpt from article;

To max out distance, players need  to get the best match with their driver,  ball and launch conditions. The key to efficiency? Almost without exception it  is a combination of high launch with low spin. The 21 players in the top 20  in  total driving efficiency on the tour average 1.52 degrees more launch angle than  the tour average (12.65 degrees compared to 11.13 degrees) and spin it 245  revolutions per minute less (2,376 to 2,621).

Woods’ stats speak to the importance of the launch angle/spin connection. In  2007 Woods was the epitome of a player whose launch conditions off the tee were  the worst of both worlds as he combined a low launch (8.45 degrees) with high  spin (3,343 rpm). This year Woods has a more desirable 11.76 degrees launch  angle and a spin rate of 2,672 rpm. This has allowed him to maintain his length  (300.3-yard average, a drop of just two yards from 2007), despite a loss of 4.5  miles per hour club- head speed during that same period.

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