Great News – The revolutionary Garsen Putter grips are NOW IN STOCK & AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR STORE!


Garsen Putter Grip
Garsen Putter Grip

Before I go into how great these grips are and how much they can improve both setup & alignment let me give my personal take on the oversized jumbo grips. I can’t tell you how many oversized putter grips that I install just to have the customer come back a week or two later to have them removed. The premise makes sense-the larger grips helps to restrict excessive wrist movement during the stroke. Problem is they restrict many other things most importantly feel. The excessive size & weight also works against the putter weight & counterbalance. If your putting that bad just come to me and buy a new putter-kidding!

Now for the good stuff – The Garsen Putter Grip.
Bernard has been hard at work on tour promotting this grip which is in the hands of numerous touring pro’s and it is only a matter of time until you see a tour win which will blow the lid off and the secret will be out. The grip is traditional in size (although midsize will soon be available) but has a unique two sided v shape design which makes the golfer use a very unusual but technically superior grip (you grip the putter with your thumbs being aligned side by side). Hard to explain so wait for the pics next week.

Because of the unique 2 sided design, this places the hands into a neutral position which eliminates wrist breakdown. This turns the elbows into the body and sets up a relaxed position which leads to a much more RELAXED setup.


Bernard has been hard at work getting his grip to market and due to his exacting tolerances will be producing these grips in the good ole U.S.A utilizing the latest polymers for ultimate feel and feedback.

These are now avaliable in our new online store