Oban Kiyoshi White now available in 55 gram (regular and stiff only)

Now in Stock!
Kiyoshi White 55 gram – (03 and 04) – R and S
Kiyoshi White Hybrid – 95 gms (04 and 05) – S and X
Minimum Install Price
Kiyoshi White – $400.00
Oban Composites, Inc.
Dear Andrew,

OBAN is excited to announce the Kiyoshi White 55 gram shafts are now available and in stock.   The 55 gram version is available in R and S flexes.   In addition, the highly anticipated Kiyoshi White Hybrid is also available.   The weight is 95 grams and it is available in S and X flexes.

The Kiyoshi White has been recently featured in many of the most popular golf magazines and golf forums.  Some of the top Touring players in the world are now using the Kiyoshi White.   Demo’s are available and ready to ship!

For weight and flex specifications, you can now access our new OBAN Private Reserve website:

Oban golf shafts
Oban golf shafts