Beat the Heat – summer re-grip special

So are you sick and tired of being drenched from sweat by the time you reach the first green and feeling like your trying to hold onto a wet snake  every time you swing a club?  The Golf Pride Tour Velvet with the brushed cotton cord is a soft feeling grip which holds up great in this miserable heat. I had the small rig out at the Virginia State Open this week and can’t tell you how many players came in to have their grips changed out to cords. Unlike most cords which can feel abrasive and chew through some gloves the brushed cotton Tour Velvet Cords provide a great feel and unparalleled stability when wet (I actually think they are even more stable when wet vs dry). HAVE YOUR FULL SET RE-GRIPPED NOW (.600 ROUND OR RIBBED) AND ONLY PAY FOR 10 (VS 13)-JUST MENTION THE SALE PROMO “120 IN THE SHADE”  ” WHEN DROPPING OFF YOUR CLUBS TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT.tourvelvetcord.