New Adams Tight Lies to be released next month

tightlies3tightlies2In case you didn’t know Taylor Made bought out Adams Golf last year after basically copying the Slot Line design for their rocketballs. Adams Golf will be re-launched with a new image, new logo, and overall new line in August. Below are some pics of the new (and greatly improved) Adams Tight Lies which will feature Adams patented slotline technology with a super hot/thin face and extreme forgiveness. I will let everyone know when the first batch of heads arrive.

The original Tight Lies fairway woods from Adams Golf were launched in 1995, but 18 years later golfers might need them now more than ever.

That’s because of the design of today’s fairway woods, which are much larger than the fairway woods of the past. That added size, combined with breakthroughs in materials and design, has allowed them to fly faster and farther than ever before.

But the added distance hasn’t done much to solve the No. 1 problem most golfers have with fairway woods – from anywhere but off the tee or from a perfect lie in the fairway, they’re extremely hard to get airborne.

That’s why Adams is releasing a 2013 version of the Tight Lies fairway woods, which like the original design will give golfers the confidence to hit a fairway wood even when the lie isn’t perfect.

According to Mike Fox, director of product line management for Adams Golf, the average size of a fairway wood currently hovers around 175 cubic centimeters. But the new Tight Lies fairway woods are only 133 cubic centimeters, and have a shallow, low-profile design that makes them extremely forgiving and easy to get airborne.

Generally, smaller, low-profile fairway woods lack the distance of larger, deeper-face designs, but Fox said that golfers shouldn’t worry about losing yards with the Tight Lies. That because for the first time, Adams is using its “Cut-Through Slot Design” in a fairway wood –  slots on the crown and sole of the club that increase spring-like effect.

The Cut-Thru design allows the Tight Lies to have a characteristic time of 220, which is twice as high as the originals. And despite the fact that the Tight Lies are higher spinning than Adams’ larger, deeper-faced Super S and LS fairway woods and have a slightly lower CT, many golfers will actually hit the Tight Lies farther than those clubs because of the increased carry and consistency.

Adams will launch a 16-degree version of the Tight Lies fairway woods at retail on August 15 for $199, and follow shortly afterward with a 3 wood (14 degrees), 5 wood (19 degrees) and 7 wood (22 degrees) for the same price. The clubs will come stock with a Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara shaft that will measure 42.5 inches in the 3 wood.

Adams is also planning to release a lower-launching, lower-spinning tour version ($229) in early September, which will be available in 14.5- and 18-degree models and come stock with an Aldila Tour Blue ATX shaft.

Think you’re a shoo-in the for the tour model? Maybe not. According to Fox, Adams Golf Staff Members Tom Watson and Kenny Perry both preferred the standard Tight Lies fairway wood during testing this week at The Greenbrier Classic, and they are planning to use them this week in the tournament.