They’re Back – New & Improved Fujikura Speeder series!!!

I never quite understood why Fuji semi-retired it’s original flagship speeder series (although most are still available for tour players) but am I excited to see their return. I should have these in stock early September.Fujikura-Speeder_r640


Four new Speeder models, including an updated Motore Speeder 757, are being launched this month on several worldwide tours and will be available to consumers in October:

• Motore Speeder 757 – 75 grams, designed for Tour-type players;

• Motore Speeder 661 – 65 grams, designed for above average players;

• Motore Speeder 569 – 55 grams, designed for average players;

• Motore Speeder 474 – 45 grams, designed for golfers with slower swing speeds.

All four reflect the classic Speeder design, although the shafts have been re-engineered and are made with modern materials. The biggest change in materials in the last 20 years is the quality of the pre-preg used to make graphite shafts. These modern graphite shafts, in essence, contain more carbon fiber and less resin than previous shafts.

This is important. With new resin systems and more Nano Alloy high modulus carbon fiber, Fujikura officials say they’ve been able to stiffen the Speeder shaft in key areas, creating more speed.

“We have maintained the integrity of the Speeder 757 profile and updated the shaft at the same time,” said Dave Schnider, president and chief operating officer of Fujikura USA. “It has the same DNA as the original…. This particular profile is still probably the most popular profile used in fitting Tour players.”

The new Speeder shafts make more use of Triax Core technology. Fujikura is now placing its Triax three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft, enhancing its contribution to increased speed and stability.

“The Speeder has never left the Tour,” Schnider said. “It is so popular it has remained in play. The new Speeder, though, will coil and uncoil faster. We think Tour players will eat it up, and we think ordinary golfers will benefit tremendously.”

Much of the new Speeder discussion will focus on the 757 versus the 661.

“The 661 will fit a wider variety of players – average to better players,” Schnider explained. “It’s not nearly as stout as the 757.”