New Matrix Velox Shaft available in two weeks

Matrix introduces theirvelox newest shaft built specifically for individual Swing Speed. Available in two versions for desired spin/launch.



Capitalizing on an innovative breakthrough in Matrix’s DE Curve design technique, the Velox family optimizes the flex profile of each shaft for the players swing speed.  The Velox shafts are labeled +75, +85, + 95, +105, or + 115, enabling golfers to select the appropriate shaft by choosing one that corresponds with their driver swing speed.  With the Velox Sp having a stiffer butt section and the St having stiffer tips.


·       Velox Sp – back weighted for the heavier adjustable heads with a mid ball flight and spin

o   Offered in 50, 60 , 70, & 80g

o   No Firm or Strong available

o   MSRP $275

·       Velox St – stiffer tip section with tour flight and spin characteristics

o   Offered in 60, 70, & 80g

o   No Firm or Strong flex available

o   MSRP $375

Thank you for your continued support!!!