Upcoming Putter Trend (2014)

So I’ve had the opportunity to look at most putter styles that will be introduced next year. Clearly the new “Trend” in putters will be geared towards more center-shafted heads w/ heavy shafts, heavy heads, and counter-balanced shafts. For most of you who have come to me over the years for putter retrofitting you will know that I’ve always been a proponent of more center shafted putters coupled with shorter more traditional lengths with heavier weight. Perhaps it’s because of the upcoming Belly-Length restrictions as most of these new  putters will basically be designed to provide those benefits of longer putters in a more traditional (and conforming) length. So here is a thought (and I have done many of these w/ great success). Bring me your mid-length and/or belly putter (most w/ heavier center shafted heads, heavy “ski-Pole” shafts) and cut them down to a traditional length. Then we counter-balance w/ a heavy butt-weight insert, bend to a more traditional  lie angle, and put on a garsen grip (see prior posts) in order to fully restrict wrist movement. End result=a conforming heavy putter which produces optimal roll and feel while significantly eliminating wrist break for a much more consistent roll. So the end result is fixing that soon-to-be non-conforming putter (that has probably been sitting in the garage all summer) into a great performing putter that will probably be retailing for $250+ this spring. Just a thought 🙂