Hodson Golf now offering the longest fairway metal – In The World!!!!

img009This is the newest version (CG7) of the model used last year to set the guiness book of world records for highest driver ball speed –

 (using a 3 wood!)

  Yes, you read that right – Maurice Allen used an Exotics CG5 last year in a long drive contest and was clocked with a ball speed of 211 mph which produced a drive of 347 yeards – using an exotics CG5 15 degree 3 wood!!! So for all you guys out there who are still struggling with the larger volume drivers and seem to always be going back to your 3 wood off the tee – then give one of these beasts a try. img009

“Allen’s shot is a remarkable feat because he beat Zuback’s record by 7 mph using a fairway wood” says Andy Harris, Tour Edge Golf’s PGA Tour representative. “Allen’s incredible shot produced a stunningly-long 347 yard 3-wood hit with 336 yards of carry. That’s longer than PGA Tour players hit their driver. It is a testament to Maurice’s strength and skill as well as an endorsement of the Exotics XCG5 fairway wood as being the longest hitting fairway wood in golf.”