Bridgestone now offering J40 “Combo Sets”

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Bridgestone J40 Combo Set

So Bridgestone still continues with their 2 year product cycle so don’t expect anything new in terms of irons from them until late 2014 (they are finally offering a blended/combo set now of the cavity/pocket-back irons though). I do have it on good authority that Bridgestone’s parent company (Tour Concept) is planning on making a move into the U.S. market (Finally!). For those of you who don’t know, Tour Concept is considered  the high end golf manufacturer in Japan with an extensive product line. Believe me, I met with the Tour Concept rep last year in Hawaii and their product catalog was over 1/2″ thick. Bridgestone Irons offer a quality forging at a great price but in Japan they are considered an “economy” priced line (whereas Tour Concept forgings typically run at $2,500+). I will keep you posted on this development which would be a game changer over here as Tour Concept is sitting on a war chest in terms of both money & product.