New 2014 Tour Edge Exotics “Extreme Forged” CB Irons

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Exotics “Extreme Forged CB

True to our word, when it comes to irons we specialize in quality forgings. Each year we nail down our offerings that provide the best in terms of quality, playability, workability, and forgiveness. Each year we like to offer some quality clubs that you don’t typically see very often. In years past we have offered quality forgings from the likes of Miura, KZG, Fourteen, and Scratch among others. This year we will be offering the exceptionally forged irons from Exotics. These are great clubs at an even better price.

The Exotics CB Xtreme forged irons are designed for the most discerning player to deliver the pure feel and workability of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity back iron. The blade’s heel and toe perimeter-weighted cavity lowers the center of gravity and creates a large sweet spot for a soft, crisp feel from more points on the face.

Forged from 1025-carbon steel, the iron’s soft forms are highlighted by dramatic lines and a classic shape. For maximum spin control and a pure feel, the Xtreme Forged’s face is entirely CNC milled to supply the largest grooves and face-roughness allowed by the USGA. The milled face and head not only deliver unprecedented spin control, they deliver a strikingly superior feel.

For improved playabilty, the Exotics CB irons have a tour-beveled sole that promotes a cleaner ball striking by reducing turf interaction. The less turf interaction, the greater the ability players have to work the ball. Add the CB’s smaller forged face and near-zero offset and you’ve got a set of irons that will work just as hard as you do to improve your game.