New Callaway 2014 Line Technological Advancements – In Laman’s terms

This is a compact overview of the new design enhancements for the new 2014 Callaway line.

  • All Irons and woods have new HyperSpeed face technology, 10% thinner, 10% lighter.  Benefits:  larger sweet spot, faster ball speeds on off center hits; more weight moved to perimeter of clubs for more forgiveness.
  • All shafts are the “real thing”, no “made for Callaway” shafts.
  • All fairway woods and hybrids use “CUP FACE” technology, weld line is off the face thereby creating Maximum USGA COR for faster ball speeds.
  • Big Bertha Alpha—Forged composite top, less weight than Titanium, comes with 1,3,5, and 7 gram weights to adjust draw/fade bias,  “Gravity core”, 12.5 gram plug with 10.5 grams of Tungsten on one end, is used to adjust ball spin rates, heavier side of gravity core down/sole of club—LESS SPIN, heavier side of Gravity core up/Top of club—MORE SPIN
  • Big Bertha—Forged composite top, less weight than Titanium, 8.5 gram adjustable sliding weight on rear of club. Sliding weight on backside of club does 3 things—creates Higher MOI, less twisting on off center hits; creates Higher launch with medium spin; and has greater effect on draw and fade bias when weight is farther away from the clubface. Designed to be a VERY forgiving club.
  • New Dual cog shaft adjuster to adjust loft and lie.  Lofts can be set at “S” which is stated loft on club, “-1” which is one degree less loft than stated loft on club, “+1” which is one degree more loft than stated loft on club, or “+2” which is two degrees more loft than stated loft on club.   You can also adjust lie to either “N” which is neutral lie, or “D” which is slightly upright, draw lie, which is approximately 2 degrees upright.    When making adjustments set the loft first, this adjustment (S, -1, +1, +2) can be found on one of the cogs, after you set loft then the only other choice you have on the other cog is either “N” neutral lie or “D” slightly upright draw lie.  Also remember to line up settings, loft and lie, with white line on ferrule and then this white line lines up with the back of the neck of the club.  This way our shaft always stays in the same position, graphics down.  The best way to remember this, you could put a ribbed grip on our clubs and the rib would always stay on the underside of the club no matter what the adjustment.
  • New SUPERSOFT golf ball,  lowest compression ball on the market, 38 compression (drop one and see how high it bounces…WOW)  Ultra soft (test it out by putting one).  Designed for maximum distance for mid to slow swing speeds