New Prototype Bridgestone Balls – Just add…..water?

PGA show week so stay tuned for more sneak peaks 🙂


At last fall’s
Cup, Brandt
and Matt Kuchar each put a prototype
Bridgestone B330 ball in play. Details were
scarce at the time, but now we know what
the secret ingredient was: water. That’s
right, H²O. In each of the company’s four
new offerings (Tour B330, Tour B330S,
Tour B330RX and Tour B330RXS—all
$45 a dozen), water was added during
formulation to enhance the gradation of
the core. That is, it’s softer near the center
and as much as 30 percent firmer on the
outer regions to reduce spin off the driver.
The B330 and B330S are four-piece construction,
and the B330RX and B330BRXS
are three-piece. Each has a urethane cover
and what the company calls a “Hydro
Core.” —E. Michael Johnson