Tour Edge Exotics CG7 Fairway wood line given 5 Star Ranking – “Driver Like Ball Speed”

From Golfwrx:

Pros: Second-to-none ball speeds. The XCG7, XCG7 Beta and CB Pro have three distinct profiles that will please a wide range of golfers.

Cons: All three models produce a similar launch and spin, and they’re on the expensive side ($249+). Made-for shafts in the XCG7 and XCG7 Beta. No adjustability.

Bottom Line: All three of these fairway woods have the potential to produce driver-like ball speeds. The XCG7 has the largest footprint and is the most forgiving, the CB Pro is the smallest and fastest and the XCG7 Beta fits nicely in between. This is one of the most impressive, well-rounded fairway wood families in golf.


For years, GolfWRX has been told by leading custom fitters that Tour Edge Exotics (TEE) fairways woods are some of the best-performing, if not the best-performing fairway woods in their stores. The issue with them, they say, has nothing to do with their performance. It’s their price.

Last year’s CB5 was one of our favorite fairway woods from 2013, but it was released with a starting price of $299 — $70 more thanCallaway’s X Hot and $50 more thanTaylorMade’s RBZ Stage 2 Tour. This year’s fairway woods haven’t dropped in price — the XCG7 is $249, the XCG7 Beta is $299 and the CB Pro is a whopping $499! — but the lineup has swelled to three distinct models that TEE says outperform their predecessors.

The XCG7 has the widest footprint of the three fairway woods, but it looks a lot larger than it really is. It’s extremely wide, but its shallow face allows it to measure only 185 cubic centimeters.

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