Hodson Golf quoted in latest Bridgestone Marketing Announcement regarding the game changing True Balance Putter

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BSG True Balance – BSG National Promotion Sheet

This putter created an enormous amount of buzz at the PGA show with independent testing blowing away most of the “name brand” competitors putters. Apart from the design and technological benefits, how cool is it to just set the putter on the ground walk around and line up the putt (while the putter is standing by itself). Needless to say I’m very proud to have been quoted in their latest marketing announcement and will keep everyone posted as this one-of-a-kind putter prepares to be released.

Bridgestone Encourages Golfers to Go Against the Grain with New True Balance Putters

Bridgestone Enters U.S. Putter Market with Industry’s First Counter-Counterbalance Line

COVINGTON, GA — Bridgestone Golf, a recognized industry innovator, unveiled its new True Balance Putters at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show. This is the company’s first ever line of putters. Pushing conventional industry standards, Bridgestone True Balance putters define a revolutionary change in putter feel and speed control.

The Bridgestone True Balance Putters increase the golfer’s “feel” by realigning the putters’ fulcrum – the point of balance between the head and the grip. Bridgestone’s patented technology achieves a unique weight distribution, keeping the balance point less than 5″ inches from the sole of the putter. This allows the putter head to swing more freely and square up to the target naturally. The innovative design also provides golfers with an incredible sense of connection and feel with the putter head improving distance control.

True Balance Putters utilize an industry-first counter-counterbalance design that removes weight by incorporating an ultralight graphite shaft and 100% EVA grip. This proprietary design counters the heavier steel shafts and rubber grips typically found in putters on the market today.

“While developing this product we consulted with some of golf’s leading putting experts, as well as a variety of amateurs and Touring professionals,” said Josh Kinchen, Golf Club and Accessories Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “Feedback and testing confirm that when you can feel the head, you can control the head. That has been the guiding principle for every True Balance design decision we’ve made. We’re confident golfers will have an easier time squaring the putter up, judging speed, and controlling distance.”

The Bridgestone True Balance Putters feature the following technologies throughout the line:

  • Stainless Steel Head Construction
  • Dual Layer Grooved Insert provides perfect combination of feel and roll performance
  • Unique Lightweight 100% EVA grip provides the ultimate in comfort, feel and traction
  • Specially-Engineered Lightweight Graphite Shaft provide unmatched feel and user feedback

True Balance Putters

The True Balance Putters will be available at retail in March 2014 and will have a street price of $199 each. Traditional steel models available at $149 each.

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