2014 Golf Component Price Increases – Be warned! Virginia Custom Golf Clubs

So I have been receiving all of the new product information (sorry for all the posts) in addition to the new pricing, and just wanted to pass along some general price increase updates.  I’m just passing this along to keep everyone up to date so please don’t shoot the messenger.  These are general price increases and can vary widely by product.

Keep this in mind when you are looking at the new equipment-there is a distinct increase/inflation when it comes to most components that make up the club especially in steel shafts and the grips. In order for manufacturers to keep their competitive price points they are all moving towards “made by” or “exclusive” steel and graphite  shafts. When you see the most of the stock OEM steel shafts that weighs 85 grams (or less) rest assured that the only real benefit  is they are cheap to make!  Anyway,

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 2013 Retail = $4.69 vs 2014 = $4.99=6%

True Temper Dynamic Gold 2013 Retail = $17.99 vs 2014 = $18.99=6%

KBS C-Taper 2013 Retail = $34.95 vs 2014 = $36.95=6%

Various other components including, epoxy, ferrules, adapters, etc. went up even more. The only good note is most high-end graphite shafts did not see a significant price increase (I guess that’s a good thing because most retail for $350+). As most of these shafts are made out of Japan I would imagine it has something to do w/ them devaluing the Yen so much, but I’m not an economist or anything.  These increases may not seem significant but when you factor in the increases to a full set it does add up.

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