Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT Advertisement – Stock Shaft in new Callaway line

I must say it is hard to keep up with all the shafts in the Mitsubishi Rayon line (for just the Fubuki and Diamana line only);

Fubuki Z, Fubuki ZT, Fubuki Z fairway, Fubuki J, Diamana W, Diamana B, Diamana S+, Diamana D+, Diamana W – I mean come on Really?

I must say though, these shafts just keep getting better and better. The nice thing is the quality of the Fubuki Z is evident from the launch monitor results and warrants its MSRP of $250. The great thing is this is the stock shaft in the new Callaway Line and true to Chip Brewers game plan these are the “Real Deal” Fubuki Z’s and not a “Made for” or “Exclusive” shafts which 9 times out of 10 aren’t even close to the real thing. Long story short, I always put more emphasis into the shaft as it’s typically the “true engine” of any driver which makes the new Callaway lineup an even better value.fubukizt