S3 Shaft Simulation System – Shaft Overview Part 1

So when I was out in AZ last week I was fortunate to get a private behind-the-scenes tour of Cool Clubs in Scottsdale. For anyone who is remotely near this place, you HAVE  TO go in for a visit (and hopefully a fitting).  I will be posting later with all my pics and more info on my visit, but for now I just want to concentrate on shafts. As many of you know I have been getting kind of annoyed at the ever increasing amount of shaft lines that each manufacturer is offering. I know some OEM’s love to introduce 6+ drivers every year but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough.


Apart from being downright nosy, I was hoping to see the secretive S3 (Shaft Simulation System) which is being co-developed by Accra and Mark Timms of Cool Clubs. A brilliant engineer, Simon Grodin (pictured below), actually built the thing and he is very proud of his baby (as well he should be). Simon was actually my tour guide during my visit which was an amazing experience (felt like I was in Willie Wonka’s Golf Factory). Now, out of respect for both Cool Clubs and Simon, I did not take any pictures from “behind the curtain” but I can honestly tell you that their build department (5 state-of-the art build stations-video) was better than any I have ever seen (and I have been fortunate to see most of them ranging from tour trailers to O.E.M. tour build labs).



Stay tuned for my next post related to the game changing S3 technology