Score One – For Hodson Golf! New Authorized dealer for Score Wedges!! Golf Magazine – “The Top Rated Wedges We Tested”

So I have been testing all the new wedges along with player reviews and I am excited to announce that Hodson Golf will be bringing in the cutting edge Score Wedge Line. I can’t tell you  how many players have come to me with concerns with the huge gaps they have in their scoring irons. As most of you know (hopefully) pretty much all of the new game improvement irons are very strong lofted whose purpose is to promote sales (most golfers are more inclined to purchase a new set if they can pick up a few yards of distance). The problem is having such “juiced up” irons leads to some major problems with the “scoring irons”. I bent a set just the other day (a new set from a major OEM) where the Pitching Wedge had a loft of 43 degrees – I mean are you kidding me that’s stronger than my 9 iron. A typical and proven loft gap between the wedges is 4-5 degrees. Even the new “players” irons now typically have Pitching Wedge lofts of 46 degrees (vs old standard 48). So long story short-there is a good reason why your wedges are known as the “scoring irons” because you typically use them the most and are used in a wide variety of shots within 125 yards of the green. Having a good set of wedges built  to match/compliment your irons, is crucial to lowering scores.


Now regarding bounce – I’m sure you all understand the purpose of bounce and grinds when it comes to the wedge. Most wedges now have moved toward higher bounce as they benefit a larger percentage of golfers. Truth is, during a typical round most golfers (from hack to scratch) hit their wedges from a WIDE variety of lies/turf/sand/rocks/water/animals/etc. When it comes to grinds most pro’s have their wedges custom ground so that they can incorporate MULTIPLE BOUNCE ridges along the sole so that the wedge can be more versatile throughout the green where a variety of shots are needed.

Score wedges offer the widest variety of lofts from 41 degrees to 61 degrees in both Right AND LEFT HANDED!!!! Each wedge also has a unique design/shape so that the low lofted heads compliment the blend into the irons whereas the higher lofted wedges feature a more traditional wedge design with added versatility. The unique beveled sole and dual bounce makes them the goto wedge for pretty much all golfers. No I will be building them up with some unique shafts and hope to have everything in next week!


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