S3 Shaft Simulation System – Part 2 (and new Accra Concept Series Shaft)


Thanks for everyone’s response to my first post on S3 and sorry its taken so long for part 2 but the season is here (when its not snowing) so I’ve been pretty slack on my posts lately. Anyway, the S3 system is a state-of-the-art device which can measure/calibrate a shaft in such detail that it has raised both excitement and concern among the various shaft manufacturers. Simon (the guy who basically built it) gave me a hands-on demonstration and I must say it blew me away.

So you basically insert a shaft into the machine which then mechanically clamps the butt end of the shaft at a 5″ clamp with a constant pressure (similar to the SST Pure machine). Next, the shaft is then flexed with another constant mechanism and rotated at a constant speed all while being filmed (in three dimension). So basically every millimeter of the shaft is tested for frequency, torque, alignment, roundness, Flexural Rigidity, Elasticity, Consistency, etc. with all of the results printed out and then graded.  Needless to say most of the pre-peg shafts out of Japan were given the best ratings (hence their expense) but this process will drastically be able to identify the best quality shafts on the market today regardless of brand or price.

I’m not going to start pointing fingers but suffice it to say I will be significantly narrowing down my shaft brand offerings this year as I only deal with the best of the best with all the equipment that I offer.

I have attached a “dumbed down” version of an S3 summary for one of the new Accra Concept Series shafts (This shaft is the REAL deal) that caused quite a stir at the PGA show. I will also note that all of the Accra Concept shafts go through this S3 calibration with each shaft results being included with purchase. You will notice the straight line deviation on the chart which is fantastic in terms of consistency and quality. You would be surprised at some of the lines that other shafts produce?