Score Wedges – our clear wedge leader for 2014


So I always put a lot of  focus on wedges and have carried most major lines over the years in addition to “boutique” lines such as Scratch, Fourteen, Miura, etc.  During a wedge fitting a lot of focus goes into the sole grind and  bounce to fit that specific golfer (in addition to correct lofts & lies). The inherent problem with bounce (high bounce/Digger/Driver, Standard Bounce/Driver/Sweeper, and low bounce/Slider/Sweeper is that you are taking into account a specific bounce for a specific swing type (not so much in regards to turf interaction). The fact of the matter is that during most rounds you are using your wedges from a variety of areas and conditions that really necessitate a variety of bounces. Sure, a high bounce wedge is great out of the deep soft bunker but what happens when you need to hit that easy flop shot off a tight lie.

scorebounce The score wedges feature the unique V-sole which makes them a great wedge throughout the green (i.e anywhere you need to hit a wedge). Their variety of lofts makes them ideal in accurately spacing out your wedges. We have been doing a lot of  51-55-59 and 49-53-57 combinations as most of the modern iron sets have pitching wedges in the 44-46 degree area (vs the old school 48d). These wedges are soft as butter so they have a great feel similar to the Mizuno MP-T4 which is a great forged wedge and which feature a variety of bounces if your still into that kind of thing.  They also tested out to be 73%-94% more accurate than conventional wedges which is an added bonus!