New Ping Putter Line with TR (True Roll) Technology = 50% more consistent

So it’s great to see that Ping is going “all in” with its True Roll technology which will basically be offered in all of its putter lines (except the milled). It was great being shown in person the technology and testing that went into this unique technology by the lead designers who thought it up. In simple terms most golfers on a 20+ plus putt will typically leave themselves a 5 or 6+ putt left due primarily to either knocking it past or short of the hole. These large distance differences are typically caused by the putter not being struck on the dead center of the face which only gets worse the farther away you are from the hole (and the subsequent larger putter swing required). This unique face actually gets hotter as you get farther away from its sweet spot/center so that off-center shots travel the same distance as center strikes – Add another design win for Ping!