Ping dominates field (both men and women) at NCAA Division 1 golf championship

One of the nicest things about Ping, and their overall philosophy, is to support and nurture talented junior golfers from a very early level. Ping’s continued support for these talented players through high school and college is apparent every year in all club counts of the Division 1 finals (both men & women).  For all you proud parents out there with talented junior players, I will be happy to fit them up myself or schedule a private VIP fitting at Ping’s tour department in Phoenix.



PHOENIX (May 29, 2014) – PING’s significant presence in both team support and equipment played an influential role in the success of men and women at the NCAA Division I Golf Championships. Among the highlights, PING bags were #1 at both tournaments, and the S55 iron was #1 among the men.


PING-supported teams finished 1-2 on the men’s side, with the University of Alabama and Oklahoma State University, respectively, at Prairie Dunes Country Club in Hutchinson, Kan. Both teams wore PING apparel and headwear, carried PING bags, and several players relied on PING clubs. The winner of the individual title utilized an i20 driver.


PING won the driver count, was #1 in all woods played, and was T1 in the iron tally at the women’s championships at Tulsa Country Club in Tulsa, Okla.


“We have been a proud and enthusiastic supporter of college golf for many years, and it’s a thrill to be affiliated with these accomplished teams and the men and women who represent their schools so well,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “College is a special time, and these are memories they’ll cherish forever as teammates. We share in their excitement, and we’ll continue to give schools the support and the tools they need to help their teams perform their best.”


Scott Sullivan, Senior Player Development Manager, said PING’s affiliation with a number of college programs has helped the company forge long-lasting relationships. “As a result of our scouting efforts, we’ve been fortunate to follow many of these golfers as they climbed through the amateur ranks,” Sullivan said. “To see them become standout players at elite schools and win titles is gratifying as a company. Whether they go on to play professionally or they pursue other careers, we hope to continue their brand loyalty long-term because it sends a positive message to be associated with influential people.”