Now taking orders for the new Mitsubishi Fubuki J


So they just keep getting better. More wire mesh in the butt section for the guys w/ a quick & heavy load transition out of the top coupled w/ Tungsten powder to effectively counterbalance the shaft for those heavier adjustable heads. Higher launch & lower spin – what more could you ask for! On a personal note, this is (in my opinion) one of the best 50 gram shafts out there in terms of stability, higher ball speed/smash factor, and dispersion.


MRC GOLF, INC. Debuts the FUBUKI J-Series

Carlsbad, CA – (June 2, 2014) – MRC GOLF, INC. has officially introduced the FUBUKI™ J-Series counterbalanced shaft that’s the most technologically advanced FUBUKI™ shaft yet. Featuring extreme counterbalance weighting, Modulus Differential Technology (M.D.T.) and our proprietary metal mesh technology, the versatile FUBUKI™ J-Series allows players to take advantage of longer or shorter builds. The combination of technologies makes this shaft ideal for players looking to maximize distance.

Product Profile Mitsubishi Rayon Prepreg with Tungsten Powder

Utilizing MRC’s decades of materials expertise, our engineers have developed a proprietary resin system infused with extreme high-density tungsten powder. This makes it possible to raise the balance point without making the shaft more rigid – as with traditional methods. Wrapping tungsten-infused resin sheets in the butt section moves the center of gravity towards the butt end – thus raising the shaft’s balance point to an extreme level and making it much easier to handle. Because of its high balance point, the shaft is versatile enough to be built longer or shorter while keeping the same effective feel at any length. So even if you increase the total club weight, the swing weight stays the same. Better players will feel the smoothness of the downswing, as well as excellent feedback in the hands.

Product Profile M.D.T.

M.D.T. delivers optimal performance — regardless of the shaft’s weight and flex. By combining the Amorphous CF (carbon fiber) and High Modulus CF in the tip section, we obtain an optimized launch angle with low spin. The “Amorphous CF Zone” acts as a hinge, accelerating the clubhead and creating the optimum launch angle. Meanwhile, the “High Modulus CF Zone” stabilizes the clubhead during impact and allows for a controlled low spin launch.

Product Profile Metal Mesh Technology

There’s also a metal mesh sheet inserted into the butt section of this shaft – a technology originally used in the FUBUKI™ K-Series. Imagine the mesh as a truss. It helps to decrease deformation in all directions with minimal weight impact. This does not affect the bending, but is able to increase energy transfer efficiency through the shaft. The insert’s added weight also helps to further move the balance point up.

Product Profile Bend Profile

The FUBUKI™ J-Series is known for its extreme stiffness extending from the butt section into the mid section, before transitioning to a more moderate tip stiffness. This dramatic transition helps generate smooth acceleration through impact, with maximum stability and control.

Product Profile


Product Profile Pricing & Availability

The FUBUKI™ J-Series is now available through MRC GOLF authorized retailers and dealers nationwide, and has a suggested retail price of $400. It’s offered in the following weights and flexes, so that even average golfers can excel:

FUBUKI™ J 50 (R, S, X)
FUBUKI™ J 60 (R, S, X)
FUBUKI™ J 70 (S, X)