Ping G30 driver launch monitor results are off the charts!

Warning – this is a bittersweet post (see bottom line)

Anyway, I have been astounded by the launch monitor results we have been getting with the new G30. Fit one of my regulars this morning who is a great player and although we have tried numerous drivers over the years his gamer has always been kept in play (until today). The gamer was a Ping G20 w/ a tricked up Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour which had always given impressive results (but not anymore). I won’t get into the details but the G30 raised his smash factor to 152%!!! (in itself is amazing) from 148″ with much higher ball speed. Swingspeed also picked up about 3 miles an hour but the most surprising number was the SIGNIFICANT drop in spin (around 38%). The launch angle went up and the angle of descent went down so overall he picked up about 23 yards in both carry and roll.  Please also keep in mind we were using tour shafts and he is a big hitter but the numbers don’t lie. I must say its been impossible to find that “holly grail” driver with low spin but still a hot face which is still forgiving. It’s literally been a couple of years since I’ve been asked “Is this thing legal?”.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has been impressed by the results. I’ve already gone through most of the first batch of heads so I called in today to order more only to find out that Ping is now forecasting LATE AUGUST before they will be caught up and begin shipping these bad boys again. Frustrating is an understatement as these things don’t even begin selling retail until 8/1 and they are already sold out?