New Nike Vapor Irons

So big campaign blitz from Nike w/ Tiger and Rory pushing the brand recently on Jimmy Fallon. Here is what I have so far on the new Vapor Irons.


Nike launched its new Vapor line of irons that include the Nike Pro, Nike Pro Combo and Nike Speed on stage at Liberty National with Rory McIlroy, 

Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon. The irons have technology that moves its center of gravity (CG) more toward the toe than Nike’s previous irons, 

positioning it in the center of the face. The company is calling the design “Modern Muscle Technology,” and the design includes a black-colored 

PVD insert that is accented by a “Volt” colored Nike swoosh sign. According to Nike, the more-centered CG puts more weight behind the golf ball 

at impact to improve energy transfer, precision and stability. “We had this idea, if we moved the CG towards the center of the face that it would have 

more impact and more mass right behind the golf ball.” Tiger Woods said. “And it worked. I was able to hit the ball a little bit further, it came off 

more solid and the amazing thing is the ball flew better.”


Nike Vapor Pro


Nike Vapor Pro irons have forward weighting for a lower trajectory, with a longer blade length and shorter face height than their predecessors. 

They also have milled X3X grooves, a thin sole for better maneuverability through the turf and they are forged from 1025 carbon steel. 

The Pro line will be available in right and left-handed options in 3-PW stock with true Temper Dynamic Gold shafts.

Nike Vapor Pro Combo


The Vapor Pro Combo irons also utilize face-centered weighting, with a low-and-rearward CG in the long irons for a higher trajectory and high 

and forward CG in the short irons for a more penetrating ball flight. The 2-7 irons will have what Nike calls a “RZN” cavity back, while the 8-A will 

have a muscle cavity. They combine 1025 carbon steel forging with RZN cavity, have milled X3X grooves are available in right and left-handed 

options (except the 2-iron, which is only available in RH) and come stock with a True Temper DG Pro shaft.

Nike Vapor Speed


The Vapor Speed irons utilize face-centered weighting that’s consistently low and forward throughout the set for a higher launch. 

The long irons (3-7) have hollow cavity backs are reinforced with a “FlyBeam” behind the face for forgiveness, while the 8-SW short 

irons have RZN cavity backs. The irons will have a moderate sole width and X3X milled grooves on the face. They will be available 

in 3-SW for both right and left handed players, and come stock with a True Temper Dynalite 105 for men and an MRC Fubuki Z 70 shaft for women.