Challenge America Tournament Photo’s

What a day! The outing was a huge success (even though mother nature didn’t really cooperate) and we were able to get over 40 wounded soldierss down to the event. We were a bit nervous at first as the bus was late (Northern Virginia Traffic) but having a police escort the whole way (blocking the on-ramps) the bus made great time. The clinic was fun and informative and my hat goes off to those pro’s taking the time to spend a full day with the soldiers.   I will have more photo’s and commentary coming (and some video if I can figure how to upload) so please stay tuned.

A sincere thanks to all of Hodson Golf’s gracious customers who donated clubs to this event. We were able to refurbish and put together over 35 sets which were eagerly snatched up by the soldiers and were put to great use for the tournament. I can’t express how excited everyone was when told that they could actually keep the sets!challengeamerica1 challengeamerica2 challengeamerica3 challengeamerica4 challengeamerica5 challengeamerica6 challengeamerica7