New Mizuno 850 Metal line has arrived-Mizuno Fitting Event 11/21/14

So I had the opportunity to admire these bad boys earlier this fall and I personally think its the best driver/fairway/hybrid line that Mizuno has introduced for some time. Mizuno has always promoted Fujikura graphite shafts in their metal line but those shafts have always been “made-for” shafts of Fujikura’s lower-end graphite line. NOT ANYMORE – I think Mizuno has finally flexed their muscle and will now be utilizing the “real-deal” authentic Fujikura Motore shafts. These are “high-end” shafts which retail (installed) for almost what the new driver costs new –  WHAT A BARGAIN! If its good enough for Luke Donald then its good enough for me!


We will be hosting a Mizuno Fitting event on Friday 11/21/14 at Independence Golf Club – Click here to register (note: if weather is bad then backup date is Wednesday 11/26/14

Check out the video from our last Titleist Fiting Day which was a great success.

In 2007 Mizuno introduced a sliding weight system called Fast Track – to alter a driver’s draw/fade tendency. Mizuno has now evolved this breakthrough technology to also be able to customize spin rate and launch angle in the JPX-850 – helping all swing speeds achieve maximum possible total yardage. A massive playing profile with a low and deep extended weighting system launches the ball into an optimized, low spinning orbit – from whichever QuickSwitch setting you choose.

The piercing blue JPX-850 uses twin 8-gram weights which can be located on either the central sliding rail, or two lateral slots. With 10 unique settings, players of all head speeds can dial in their perfect launch and spin.

In combination with Mizuno’s Quick Switch shaft release system, the JPX-850 also offers lofts from 7.5 to 11.5 within one head for the ultimate in adjustability.

The JPX-850 head is a compact, powerful 440cc Titanium driver that utilizes a Rebound Crown to maximize ball speeds for unmatched distance.

Tech Spec

  • Fast Track: 10 unique flight settings (4 neutral, 3 draw, 3 fade) to dial in launch and spin for increased distance.
  • Quick Switch: 8 loft settings from 7.5 to 11.5 degrees.
  • Rebound crown: Rounded crown flexes at impact for explosive distance.

Shaft Specifications

FUJIKURA Flex Weight Torque Ball Flight Tip Butt Order Repair
NEW Fujikura Motore Driver
X 69g 3.4 Mid .335″ .605″ F0000MDX F00002MDX
S 67g 3.4 Mid-High .335″ .605″ F0000MDS F00002MDS
R 64g 3.4 Mid-High .335″ .605″ F0000MDR F00002MDR
A 55g 5.1 High .335″ .605″ F0000MDA F00002MDA
NEW Fujikura Motore Fairway
X 71g 4.4 Mid .335″ .605″ F0000MDX F00002MDX
S 67g 4.5 Mid-High .335″ .600″ F0000MDS F00002MDS
R 64g 4.6 Mid-High .335″ .600″ F0000MDR F00002MDR
A 62g 4.6 High .335″ .600″ F0000MDA F00002MDA
NEW Fujikura Motore Hybrid
X 73g 3.1 Mid .370″ .605″ F0000MFX F0005MFX
S 70g 3.5 Mid-High .370″ .605″ F0000MFS F0005MFS
R 64g 3.8 Mid-High .370″ .600″ F0000MFR F0005MFR
A 60g 4.1 High .370″ .600″ F0000MFA F0005MFA