Winter Golf Club Repair and Regripping Time!

Its been a busy year and I’m excited to be wrapping up our location at Independence Golf Club in the coming month. I’m always asked how much we slow down during the winter months, but to be honest the winter seems to be the primary time for most of the golfers to “tinker” with new shaft and head combinations in preparation for the next season. Personally I think that if most of the die hard golfers can’t play with their clubs (due to weather) then they would just as rather experiment and tinker with them. Most of the more accomplished golfers that I know just don’t like to “mess around” with their sticks during the tournament season so the winter is prime time. So long story short, don’t just stick your clubs in the dark corner to be dusted off next April. Take the upcoming down time to explore better ways to repair, upgrade, and generally “tweak” your existing set. Check our posts throughout this winter as we will be offering numerous golf club repair and golf club re-gripping specials.