Whoa!!! Looking for premium golf shafts – Look no further!!


Hodson Golf is now offering the areas largest and most diverse line of premium golf shafts currently available (both retail and tour issue/prototype). This photo represents a sample of our “stable” of shafts offered and doesn’t include the various weights and flexes associated with each particular shaft. So for all you gearheads out there who can appreciate the value of a premium shaft (and how much $$$$$ this photo alone cost me!). Contact us now to reserve a private launch monitor fitting. Seriously folks, other than flying out to Scottsdale it doesn’t get any better than this!

Hodson Golf now has the capability of utilizing all test shafts with most of the modern interchangeable heads available. In other words, we can narrow down the perfect shaft for your individual swing profile and then take that shaft and compare/test it in a 915D3, then in a G30LS, then a Fly-Z+, then in Vapor Pro, then in a J715, then in a JPX 850, yada-yada-YARDAGE!!!!