2015 Ben Hogan iron line set to arrive next week!

The list of people anxiously waiting to be fit into this incredible line has continued to surpass our expectations (thanks again for everyone’s patience!). We are very happy to announce that the new line is scheduled to arrive next week!

These irons and wedges will feature all the craft and quality typically associated with the master himself. I must admit that I was a little skeptical on how the market would embrace the unique fitting system that this line will embody, but so far everyone has been eager to embrace the change. For those who do not know, this line will feature clubs available in any loft ranging from 20-63 degrees. This will allow the fitter to fine tune more exacting distance gaps for each individual golfer. In the ever increasing competitive golf equipment market, manufacturers continue to pump out irons with stronger lofts and longer lengths knowing that most consumers will be more inclined to purchase new irons if they have the “Perception” of gaining more distance.  It is pretty much a given that any current 6 iron has the same specs as an older 5 iron. Throw in the modern Hybrid and wedge offerings and  things can really get confusing – even more evidence to support why a professional fitting is so important these days when it comes to modern equipment!