New Ping E1 and G-Max Irons (Pings longest & straightest iron ever!) in hand for fittings

I just received the new iron series heads from Ping (both left and right-handed). They both feature some revolutionary design changes making them both forgiving and long. Please contact us to set up a private fitting but please be aware that the finished clubs will not ship until 8/1/15. I simply have the heads early to implement into my fitting cart.



PHOENIX (July 15, 2015) – Achieving significant performance gains by engineering without sacrificing other key design attributes, PING announced two new innovative iron models today while expanding its popular Glide wedge and Cadence TR putter families.

The new GMax iron introduces COR-Eye Technology, a revolutionary design that increases flexing across the entire face for faster ball speeds that produce unprecedented distance and forgiveness. The new i iron, PING’s first model to utilize 431 stainless steel, is a softer players-style head that offers workability and ball-flight control with the forgiveness to ensure accuracy and consistency. Both new models are available with the PING CFS Distance shaft. Golfers can also choose one of four popular after-market shafts with no upcharge.

All of the new product can be pre-ordered beginning today at PING-authorized golf shops.

“Our commitment to engineering without sacrifice continues to produce measurable performance benefits across our entire product line,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “For example, COR-Eye Technology in the GMax iron provides the rare combination of distance with control, giving you significantly more ball speed for shots that fly farther and land softly. The i iron is a players-style design that appeals to golfers of all skill levels because of its all-around performance. It has a great look and provides workability, trajectory control and just the right amount of forgiveness. It’s already in the bags of several of our tour professionals.”

GMax Irons
PING engineered its longest, straightest iron ever by utilizing COR-Eye Technology, which simultaneously activates the sole, face, and top rail to increase ball speed up to 3 mph over previous PING models, providing greater distance with control. COR-Eye creates a faster ball speed that is constant across the entire face, so even off-center strikes deliver longer, straighter results. A new cavity structure houses a concealed Custom Tuning Port that connects to the sole. With this deeper position and wider sole, each iron’s center of gravity is moved lower and farther back to increase the MOI for more forgiveness, accuracy and consistency. Distance-generating lengths and lofts are optimized for efficient gapping with the distance control and high trajectory needed to hit and hold more greens. An enhanced leading edge, more trailing edge relief and refined bounce help optimize turf interaction. The 4- thru 8-iron faces are heat treated using a specialized process that strengthens the material by approximately 40%, creating a Hyper-17-4 alloy and allowing the face to be thinner for greater flexing and faster ball speeds. Longer blade lengths and increased offset maximize forgiveness and ensure a higher max shot height. The set has a unique swingweight progression where the 4, 5 and 6 irons have lighter swingweights to help square the face at impact, creating faster ball speeds for longer, straighter shots.

– Available 4-9, PW, UW, SW
– Stock steel shaft: PING CFS Distance (Soft R, R, S, X)
– Stock graphite shaft: PING CFS Graphite (65 Soft R, 70 R, 80 S)
– After-market stock shaft options (no upcharge): Dynamic Gold S300, X100; Project X 5.0, 6.0; XP 95 (R, S), N.S. Pro Modus3 105 (S, X)
– U.S. MSRP: $121.25 per club w/steel shaft; $ 136.25 per club w/graphite shaft

i Irons
PING engineers used 431 stainless steel for its high strength-to-weight ratio and softer feel to deliver workability and trajectory control with forgiveness. Larger head sizes and low/back CG positions in the long irons offer forgiveness and distance where golfers need them most. The smaller short irons and wedges provide precision and control. Workability comes from a head and hosel geometry that ensures trajectory control for precise shot-making. Weight savings from the 431 SS and the deeper Custom Tuning Port position allow for expanded perimeter weighting. A tungsten toe weight in the 3 thru 7 irons increases forgiveness. An elastomer CTP weight tucks into the tuning port, which is lower on the face to align with the impact area for a more solid sound and feel. The sole glides through the turf with ease, ensuring the solid contact required to play with control and consistency. An optimized, versatile bounce profile delivers exceptional performance in all conditions. The thin top rail and minimal offset create a confidence-inspiring look at address. Lengths and lofts are optimized to increase distance with proper gapping. With two PING shaft choices and four popular after-market stock options, golfers can match a shaft to their ball flight and feel preferences.

– Available 3-9, PW, UW
– Stock steel shaft: PING CFS Distance (Soft R, R, S, X)
– Stock graphite shaft: PING CFS Graphite (65 Soft R, 70 R, 80 S)
– After-market stock shaft options (no upcharge): Dynamic Gold S300, X100; Project X 5.0, 6.0; XP 95 (R, S), N.S. Pro Modus3 105 (S, X)
– U.S. MSRP: $135 per club w/steel shaft; $150 per club w/graphite shaft

Glide ES Wedge (Eye Sole)
The Glide ES features a scooped sole that offers versatility on full and partial shots from all conditions, especially bunkers. Its hosel transition and sole design were inspired by the original PING Eye2 sand wedge. The tapered hosel is smaller leading into the face to decrease the cross section for less drag through the sand. A 24º sidewall and tighter radius in the grooves optimize spin on chips and pitches. The chrome-plated 431 stainless steel head repels moisture to create more friction for improved spin and consistency in wet conditions and lies in the rough.  Glide wedges are engineered from the hands down to provide short-game performance and trajectory control on shots of every length. The proprietary Dyla-wedge grip is ¾ of an inch longer to encourage gripping down to control ball flight. The CFS Wedge shaft is optimized in weight, flex and balance to provide a stable feel and lower ball flights.

– Available in 56º, 58º, 60º
– Dyla-wedge grip: ¾-inch longer, grip-down markings at 1 3/8″ intervals, softer tapering profile
– Stock shafts: CFS Wedge (stiff flex, 118g); TFC 419i (Soft R, R, S)
– U.S. MSRP: $140 w/steel shaft; $160 w/graphite shaft

match slower-tempo strokes, and can lead to better results on shorter putts. The putter can be fit to accommodate straight, slight arc, or strong arc stroke types.

– Traditional, 350g; Heavy, 375g
– Straight, Slight Arc and Strong Arc stroke types
– Adjustable +/- 2º from std. lie angle
– U.S. MSRP: $245; Adjustable-length upcharge: $35