Accra introduces a new shaft line for the “discerning” junior golfer segment

ACCRA introduces it’s first line of shafts designed specifically to benefit discerning Junior golfers. The new ACCRA SRT line combines the technology incorporated in both the Fx and iSeries lines of shafts. ACCRA understands that junior golfers need to start somewhere. Dad’s cut down clubs just don’t cut it! Too heavy and too stiff, making it impossible for junior golfers to “swing” the club properly.
Junior clubs from OEM’s are great for very young children but just don’t offer stability as they progress from beginner to intermediate levels.
The ACCRA SRT line bridges this gap, enabling the world’s best professional club fitters an option to give young golfers a super light weight option with more stability and power during that time between traditional junior clubs to adult sets.

The SRT wood shafts range from 47 to 53 grams and are available in 3 distinct flexes 41 (very soft), 42 (Mid), 43 (R flex). Each is a 46″ blank offering lots of room to shorten for a shorter player, yet also giving fitters the option of building to a traditional length if necessary. The key to this shaft is the .580 butt section diameter, enabling juniors with smaller hands to get a solid grip even at longer lengths.

The SRT iron shaft weighs in under 50 grams and also features a .580 butt section. This shaft can be tipped to match any flex available in the woods. The versatility of this shaft will enable fitters to help younger players with a shaft that combines stability along with flexes for up and coming Jordan Speith’s.