New Mizuno Iron Line including the MP-25, MP-5, and MP-15 (Sneak Peak)

I should be getting my hands on the new line in the coming weeks but wanted to pass along some photo’s and info. I’ve been anxiously waiting to see how Mizuno could improve upon the MP-54 which I have personally been enjoying for the past two years. Looks like the new 54’s will feature some new design twists (incorporating Boron into the forging like the 850 pro forged) in addition to some design changes which has resulted in a jump in ball speed of 3.1 mph compared to the MP-54, with lower spin rates. The MP-25 irons fly about 7.5 yards farther, and the increase in ball speed helps them attain a slightly higher ball flight. Mizuno says golfers should expect shots to peak farther downrange and land more vertically, so shots should hold more greens. This will be a progressive set similar to the MP-54’s also

Mizuno-M5-Irons_960_t640 Mizuno-MP-25_960_t780mph5