New Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 now available

This shaft is modeled after the currently inline Tour AD 9003 series of shafts that have been in our line for many years.   The Tour AD 9003 family consists of very stiff profiles designed for fast tempo/high swing speed players and are designed to promote Low to Mid launch condition and very low spin.  Please find attached the catalog page for the new Tour AD M9003 series of wood shafts for your additional reference.


The new Tour AD M9003 model incorporates a new material technology from Toray Composites called T1100G.  The T1100G is a revolutionary material in that it is comprised of both High Modulus and High Tensile strength fibers.  The resin system is also based on the Toray NANOALLOY technology for added durability.  Here is a great Japanese news links for more information about the new T1100G material which incorporates nano-technology.