New 2016 King Cobra LTD Sneak Peak

Wanted to pass along some information on this game changing driver. Every manufacturer out there has been chasing the holy grail of achieving a zero CG (Center of Gravity) driver but Cobra has finally done it (with the help of some leading space engineers). The ability to “look under the hood” and/or look inside the actual head is a brilliant way to show the true quality and craftsmanship of this unique design. Believe me I’ve seen heads cut open and examined (all OEM R+D departments due this to all competitors drivers) and you would be shocked at the abnormalities, shoddy welds, and overall inferior construction of some of the leading driver heads out there.   The end result is an extremely forgiving driver which will produce that higher launching, lower-spinning, fairway seeking missile that we all dream about.

Stay tuned for a special pre-release fitting event we will soon be hosting at Independence Golf Club and you can come out and see for yourself how good this one is!

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