Hodson Golf now the first authorized Basileus shaft dealer (and fitter) east of California

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with the leading high-end shaft manufacturer out of Japan. Basileus produces some of the highest performing shafts on the market due to their unique engineering while using the highest grade and strongest carbon pre-peg in the business. Most U.S. high-end shafts will utilize carbon pre-peg up to the 45-50 ton range. Some of the Basileus utilize carbon Pre-peg of 80 ton (Yes 80!) which is typically allotted to military and space applications. I’ll warn you these shafts don’t come cheap but I can promise you will get what you pay for and I will stand behind that with a 100% money back guarantee for any one of these beasts that I custom fit you into. Their unique Trias A-B positioning map is also a great way to help narrow down specific shaft categories.

Please note that we are an AUTHORIZED dealer for Basileus and guarantee the product 100% with all shafts warrantied accordingly (unlike some other online sellers who’s CONCEPT of selling TOUR shafts are not authorized nor warrantied through the original manufacturer.