Driver Theme for 2016 – Low Drag & Design Partnerships

We all know that due to USGA regulations its getting increasingly difficult each year to build a better driver. Drivers can be designed for maximum distance, maximum forgiveness, or optimum spin but its just tough to design and build one that has all 3 of these attributes. It now seems that the recurring theme for 2016 will be the reduction of wind drag in terms of design, coupled with strategic “out of the box” partnerships.

  1. Ping took the bimimicry approach and looked to the intricate dragonfly wing pattern to build upon its industry leading G30 driver to achieve even higher ball speeds.
  2. Cobra is probably the biggest exception and partnered with The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)   to develop the industry first 0 center of gravity driver for optimum forgiveness.
  3. Callaway “forgiveness meets fast”. The Callaway design team worked on a new design to produce its most forgiving driver ever. Usually the drawback to this approach is loss of ball speed so they teamed up with Boeing to maximize the aerodynamics of the design to produce a driver with both speed and forgiveness.
  4. Everybody else still trying to catch up.