Great Golf Video – The most embarrassing putt of all time!

I get a lot of funny golf video’s but this one is a classic. Assuming the guy didn’t die from embarrassment and was able to get back up and putt out – how many strokes did this poor guy take? (see below)




The consensus = 1 (original putt), 2 (ball hit w/ dropped putter), 3+4 (ball hitting elbow), 5 (assuming he makes the putt).

Actual = 1 (original putt), 2 (ball hit w/ dropped putter), 3 (penalty per rule 1-4/12 below), 4 (replacing ball at lip and finishing out).


Player Breaches Rules More Than Once Prior to Stroke; Whether Multiple Penalties Should Be Applied

Situations arise prior to or as a result of a stroke in which a player breaches a single Rule more than once, or breaches separate Rules, in a single act or in different but sequential acts. The question arises whether it is appropriate to apply a penalty to each separate breach.