New Callaway XR 2016 lineup blew away (and blew/flew over) the competition this weekend!

Had a busy weekend working through and testing the new Callaway XR 2016 lineup and to say everyone was pleased with the results would be an understatement. As everyone knows we are not brand biased and we strive to put our loyal customers in the best equipment regardless of who makes it. My awesome new Callaway rep was kind enough to lend me his new samples on Friday (which he only received the day before) so we were the very first to test these out in our market. The new XR 2016 fairway line was the clear standout with no other brand/club achieving the ideal numbers in terms of ball speed, spin, ideal launch, and most importantly  – DISTANCE. The drivers were also amazing with results showing some of the highest ball speeds IN ADDITION TO THE TIGHTEST DISPERSION especially for the slower swing speeds. I guess Callaway teaming up with Boeing on the design to reduce drag and increase speed paid off.  The fact that everyone we fit this weekend for either driver and/or fairway and/or hybrids purchased the new XR line (after testing comparing to all other brands/models) is a true testament to this new lineup – these clubs are the real deal!